Parking Guidelines

For the safety of the children coming to and from school, the Parents Association along with the teachers of St. Brigid’s NS, have devised parking guidelines to help with the smooth and safe dropping and collection of our children.

The morning drop off is strictly a “drop and go” system, by the school wall. Please drive down to the end of the car park making a U turn safely and driving parallel to the school wall. Please ensure you leave enough space for any child/children walking from their parked car (reversed into space along church wall).

When you are next in line for your children to embark please ensure your child is on the correct side to get out of the car. Please do so as quickly and safely as possible, then moving out carefully, allowing the car behind you to drop their children and go.

If you wish to escort your child/children to the school gate, please reverse into a car space along the church wall side. We have allocated to keep the first 3 spaces free, on the upper side to allow both cars to enter and exit at the same time.

The reason for these parking guidelines is to make sure that every effort is made to minimise the risk to children walking around the car park. We understand that everyone is under time pressures and we don’t wish to make peoples lives difficult, but general consensus is that the parking guidelines are effective and help ensure a safe environment for everyone, especially our children.

We are grateful to the Parish Council for allowing us the use of the car park.

Please click on the picture below for details on the guidelines. If friends or relatives are collecting or dropping your children we would be grateful if you could explain the guidelines to them.

With Thanks

The Parents Association Committee

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