Aerial View Annacurra School 1940

Annacurra School in 1940. Note the dividing wall at the rear – there was a separate playing area for the boys and girls.

A picture of Annacurra in the early 1800’s showing the old school house in the lower left of the picture

In anĀ  extract from a article for the Annacurra Record, the late Conor O’Brien outlined the history of St. Brigid’s National School.

The school building as it is currently situated was built in 1940 and was a 2 classroom school. In 1984 through funding raised by the parishoners of Annacurra, an additional two classrooms were built to facilitate the 4 class groupings and what was now a 4 teacher school. In 2009 a resource room, classroom and storage room were added to the school with the additional of a staffroom/kitchen, and a further resource room added in 2011.